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Name Tel. Add.
Dianhua Fresh-House 66192053 South Gate in Hainan University, Haidian Island, Haikou
Anzhi Fresh-House 36363155 Anzhi Plot, Anmin Rd.,5 Rd.West Haidian Island, Haikou
Huandao Fresh-House 66277071 Huandao Building, 4 Rd. East Haidian Island, Haikou
Hailian Fresh-House 36319978 Customs dormitory, Huaxin Rd., Haikou
Qianjiacun Fresh-Hous 65134300 Guests welcome Building,Qingnian Rd.,Haikou
Jinshanli Fresh-House 65316125 Meishe Rd., Wenming Rd., Haikou
Minsheng Fresh-House 69290028 Jaihua Rd. Lantian Rd., Haikou
Jichangdong Fresh-House 65324771 Longshepo, Haikou
Minhang Fresh-House 66755855 Commercial aviation apartmen, Xisha Rd., Haikou
Xinhuanan Fresh-House 66112687 Xinxin Electric Applianc, Xinhuanan Rd., Haikou
Meishe Fresh-House 65396335 Meishe plot, No.1 Haifu Rd., Haikou
Qiongyuan Fresh-House 65392724 Provincial Institution residential district, Bailongnan Rd., Haikou
Shengwei Fresh-House 65395814 South Gate of Haikou Provincial party committee housing dormitory area
Changmao Fresh-House 66735637 Changmao Park, Longkunnan Rd.,Haikou
Nansha Fresh-House 66811047 Provicial TV Dormitory, Nansha Rd.,Haikou
Haizhong Fresh-House 65884964 Banqiao Rd., Haikou
Jinlu Fresh-House 65398002 Jinlu Plot, Haifu Rd., Haikou
Longqicun Fresh-House 69988680 Water conservancy bureau dormitory,Haifu Rd., Haikou
Sanfeng Fresh-House 65915078 Sanfeng Rd., Fucheng, Haikou
Chuangye Fresh-House 36389036 Chuangye Village, Jinpan, Nansha Rd., Haikou
Nongken Fresh-House 68924680 Nongken Burea Dormitory, Jinqiao Village,Haiken Rd.,Haikou
Tangnaichang Fresh-House 66212827 Sweets Candy Factory Dormitory,Datong Sanheng Rd., Haikou
Gangwuju Fresh-House 68644496 Gate of Gangwu Burea Dormitory, Xiuying, Haikou
Jinshan Fresh-House 68923970 Jinshan Plot,No. 8,Haiken Rd., Haikou
Jinlong Fresh-House 66784304 Erheng Rd, Guomao, Haikou
Dianli Fresh-House 13876805426 Dongfangyang Building, Qiuhai Ave.,Haikou
Chengdong Fresh-House 65825323 No.1 Primary School, Qiongzhou Ave., Haikou
Nonghang Fresh-House 13976900848 Agricultural Bank Dormitory, Haixiuzhong Rd.,Haikou
Longzhu Fresh-House 66731201 Longzhuxin City,No.2, Longkun Rd. North,Haikou
Gongrenyiyuan Fresh-House 66817576 Nongken Hospital, Baishuitang Rd., Haikou